Introducing CMPNY Burnaby member: Sean Bassi
Sean Bassi is the Founder of 604 Now, a digital media platform in Metro Vancouver. Established in 2011, 604 Now started as a blog with content created by a couple of university students. Today, it’s one of the most pivotal sources of information for millennials in the lower mainland interested in current events, things to do and local culture.

Growing up in North Delta, Sean used to the metropolis area from neglected from the spotlight. Back then, major media only talked about the city of Vancouver, and left the other satellite cities aside. He wanted to know more beyond what was covered by the traditional media. With a strong curiosity and an adventurous heart, Sean saw and opportunity and began to explore the suburbs to create a website focusing on news and things to do in local cities other than Vancouver. This marked the birth of 604 Now. Over the past 8 years, Sean has built the platform from scratch and successfully grew a casual blog into a reliable source for local events and current events.

The GRIT Story
Initially, 604 Now was merely a side project for Sean when he was a marketing major in university. While he was fascinated with the digital world, he had no background in media or journalism. It took Sean and his team years to understand the art of creating content, audience development, media analytics and setting the company’s foundation piece by piece. Nevertheless, he stated, “Starting the platform from scratch was hard, but turning it into a viable business was even more challenging.” 604 Now once faced a cruel reality when they tried to monetize the platform. It was a big turning point for the company. Sean and the team had to let go of their former startup mindset and shift into an organization with strategic procedures and operations. It was painstaking but necessary, as without that shift, 604 Now would not be what it is today.

“At 604 Now, we create targets and take them seriously. We hold one another accountable even in uncomfortable situations.”

Team spirit is the key culture at 604 Now. That coherence does not come overnight. It is the fruition after countless trials and errors. “We had been knocked down quite a few times, but we always got back up thanks to our hardworking team and stakeholders.” Sean humbly attributes the brand’s success to every individual who shapes the company.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
“At CMPNY, people not only share a space but also share knowledge.”

Sean values the opportunity of meeting new people and networking the most. Companies with different scales, from startups to established businesses, mingle in one space. Sharing the boardrooms, kitchen, and lounge area. Business owners can meet in the lunchroom and share experiences over a short lunch or coffee breaks. “Through conversation and observation, I see how other teams operate, and I get to learn from their success and missteps.” Sean said. In addition to its vibrant ambiance, CMPNY provides a convenient and carefree environment for young businesses to focus on development. The space takes care of many administrative burdens such as utility, internet and security. “I come and leave. I pay one bill and never have to worry about office related maintenance expenses.”

About 604 Now
604 Now is a digital platform that focuses on current events, food and drink, travel, and pop culture across Metro Vancouver. The brand strives to create unique content and connect local communities across the region. From Vancouver to Abbotsford and every city in-between, 604 Now captures and shares each city’s most important moments and exciting experiences. Valuing uniqueness of individual cities in the metropolitan area, 604 Now weaves a highly connected information network within each city and amplifies stories. It is the information hub for people who seek to explore Vancouver and beyond.

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About the author: Joanne Shih, Instagram @j.a.shih
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