Introducing CMPNY Burnaby Member: Mike Fukumura
He is the Owner and Operator of Tutor Doctor Burnaby, an educational
consulting agency facilitating one-on-one tutoring services. To Mike being the owner
of a company is more than operating a business. Rather it is all about creating
relationships and making learning easier and enjoyable.

“The human aspect of my work have always been my favorite part.” Mike spent the
first half of his career managing people, and currently is devoting the later half to
building bridges between students with academic needs and skilled tutors. “A variety
of people look for tutoring for different reasons. My job is to understand students’
needs and find the best-matching tutors for them.” It is all about putting the right
people in the right positions. Mike’s innate passion for people and strong
interpersonal skills make him a good fit at this position. He has the instinct of
connecting the right person to another. Once he met a shy and demure girl looking
for high school chemistry tutor, and he matched her with one tutor who had a similar
personality to the girl. After a few sessions of teaching, the parent said to Mike, “Your
tutor worked out really well for my daughter, and the two seemed very much like
each other. I felt like I was looking at my daughter 10 years from now.” Receiving
positive feedback from clients and seeing students and tutors becoming friends are
the greatest reward to Mike.

The GRIT Story
Deciding to make a career change, Mike purchased the Tutor Doctor Burnaby
franchise in 2010. His previous position was not involved with education, but was
very much involved with putting the right people in the right positions to successfully
perform their duties and to achieve customer satisfaction. Although Mike found
many transferable skills from his previous experience, it was still like starting over
for him.

In the beginning, he did a vast research into the educational system and students’
needs. “Every time I went into a consultation with students or parents, I had one
goal in mind, and that was to focus on how I could best help them achieve their
goals.” Over the years, Mike gradually gained experience from every consultation
and every case, and had helped countless students overcome learning hurdles. Mike
is now a trusted adviser to many parents and families not only because of his
professionalism, but also because he treats his students and clients not only as
customers, but also as his friends.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
Mike located his business at CMPNY Burnaby around two years ago. “I really like the
community aspect of this space,” said Mike. CMPNY Cowork cultivates a lively
environment where entrepreneurs, small businesses, or single owner-operated
businesses can easily interact with one another, collaborate, and even establish
friendships that can be extended to outside of work. “It is nice having people around
to bounce ideas off at CMPNY. It is like having coworkers without having coworkers.”
People who work from home or from satellite offices might enjoy the freedom, but
could miss the camaraderie of an office space. “I cannot say enough about the
camaraderie at CMPNY!”

About Tutor Doctor
Tutor Doctor is an international tutoring agency providing tailored one-on-one
supplementary education to students of all age. Tutor Doctor believes that every
child, teenager, and adult has different learning styles. Operators take time to sit
down with parents and students to not only assess students’ academic needs and
goals but also know their personality. After assessment, students will be paired with
qualified tutors who fits their educational needs and personality. Designated
operators then follow-up on students and families academic progress and offer
long-term support. Their tutoring services have helped more than 200,000 people
around the globe.

Contact information:
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About the author: Joanne Shih
Living her motto of having fun and making the most of this one life, Joanne is one of the young professionals in the Slash Generation. Science Editor/Veterinarian Technician is her current career identity. Communicating with people and spreading the beauty of life science is the center and motivation of her work. Read more about Joanne here.

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