Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam member: Matthew Don-Carolis
In this ever-changing current of time, Matthew Don-Carolis can be seen as an eminent figure with a dynamic professional profile. Matt is the owner and Co-Founder of Realty Guru, an integrated management and educational tool for realtors. As a serial entrepreneur, he is also involved in a variety of ongoing side projects and businesses to keep him busy. When people ask what he does, the answer can never be summed up simply. Instead, he says “I cast my net in multiple arenas.” 

Before setting foot in the realm of real estate, Matt was a PGA professional. He attributes his success on multiple platforms to his unique upbringing. Born in Canada, Matt began his sojourning life at the age of five. First moving to Hong Kong with his family, he subsequently lived in England, Indonesia, the United States, and Saudi Arabia over the years. Moving from country to country in his early age led him to develop an open mind and the grit to say yes to every opportunity.

The GRIT Story
“I have good days and bad days just like everybody else, but the bad days do not define me.” 

Nothing really fazes Matt. When asked what his biggest learning is, he answered “I have gone through millions of past failures, but those are the most valuable lessons, more than the end product in business.” His current venture, Realty Guru is one of the fruits from the frustration he had while working in the real estate industry.  Working as a realtor has the freedom of being one’s own boss, but on the flip side it also requires a lot of sacrifices of personal and family time. On his quest for a better work-life balance, he became associated with a variety of different people, from business coaches to marketing agencies. And what he found at the end, was a group of like-minded individuals who have the same mindset to create a better solution for more realtors, and that was the beginning of Realty Guru. This also touches on the lesson that being an entrepreneur or working independently doesn’t mean having to work alone. It is important to connect with others and surround oneself with quality people. Matt himself attributes a lot of his success to his couch Keith Cornies, an award winning realtor and the Founder of AIM Coaching  Programs. 

As an entrepreneur, Matt has experience building multiple businesses, and being involved in many high risk projects. He is no stranger to failure in projects after investing a vast amount of money and time – the least wanted scenario for many business owners. Matt is no luckier than any other entrepreneurs, but what makes him successful is his determination and tenacious mindset. “If you are going to fail, fail fast and move forward.” That is Matt’s gritty spirit.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork? 
Matt has been a member at CMPNY Coquitlam for a very long time, he was one of the first members to move in when the location opened. He finds that at CMPMY, there are many unique businesses and high-quality people in the community. Almost every person working here has that entrepreneurial spirit, and that spirit cultivates an incredible energy in the space. Everyday innovative ideas and thoughts are cruising around, not only in meeting rooms but also in the lounge area, by the coffee machines, or by the ping pong table. “There are always so many people to talk to. I see collaboration between many businesses and even visible growth in my own business and others… I’ve hired a lot of talented people to help me with some of my different projects” He said with a thrilled tone, “I absolutely love working here!”…“”

About Realty Guru
Realty Guru is a web-based application, a personalized workflow system for realtors. Collaborating with professionals from the Real Estate Board and marketing sector, Realty Guru is a tool allowing realtors to achieve personal and business goals. With only one-time fee, realtors can get access to multiple services, including business management, workflow, and business coaching.

Abdul Vahimi, the Founder of PushLaunch marketing agency, and Zachary Kyra-Derksen, the Founder of Elon Musk News, are the key contributors to fundamental development of Realtor Guru.

In 2018, Realty Guru applied to the UBC incubator program and was selected as one of the top five projects among 250 applicants. Impressed by their innovation, UBC invited Realty Guru into their Ignite Program. The next step for Reality Guru is to aim for the HATCH Program for advanced funding to bring Realty Guru live and accessible to the public.

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