Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam Member: Jai Singh
Jai Singh is the Founder of Jai Yoga Studio, a modern yoga studio with the root of ancient yoga tradition. Jai came to Canada in 2016, and obtained a yoga teacher certificate from the Canadian Yoga Alliance. “I do yoga because I see the value in it, and I want to help more people to live a happy and balanced life.”

Yoga is an essential living philosophy in Indian culture. Growing up in India, Jai has always been immersed in mindfulness and meditation practice as his family ritual. When Jai moved to Canada in 2016, he noticed people in the western world were suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety from the modern lifestyle. This was also when he realized that his innate knowledge of yoga has something he could offer. Jai finished his yoga training in June 2018 and has been teaching yoga since then. When Jai teaches yoga, his caring yet powerful personality is fully reflected.

The GRIT Story
Leaving a career in dentistry and an already established life in India, Jai moved to Canada with his wife in 2016. “Moving to a new country is not easy” his wife said, “But Jai is the kind of person who takes a challenge and faces it with courage and strength.” In the beginning, Jai fumbled around settling down life in new environment and reestablishing a career, the tremendous cost of transferring his dentistry certificate was a major hurdle at that time. Nevertheless, Jai decided to take whatever opportunities in front of him, and started to work from the ground level.

During the hardest moment, Jai was encouraged by his wife, and went to try a yoga class at a local studio. The experience brought back his childhood memory of yoga, and awaken the inherent yogi in him. He started going to yoga classes more and more even five to six classes a day. One day his wife told him, “Listen, if you love yoga this much, then you really need to consider this as your career option.” The words struck him, and changed his trajectory completely. He then pursued license of yoga instructor to start teaching yoga. Earlier this year, he received funding from Futurpreneur Canada, a non-profit organization that supports to young businesses, which allowed him to open his own studio and share his love for yoga to more people. This journey is a real life practice of yoga for Jai. Only when letting go of holding, one can truly embrace the beauty of unknown possibilities.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
“There are millions of things I like about CMPNY!” Jai said. He and his wife both work at CMPNY Coquitlam on their respective businesses. The community aspect is one biggest attraction to this young couple. They have been to many different co-working spaces before, but for them the vibrant and energetic environment in CMPNY is very unique to anywhere else. “People come here with no expectations nor desires from one another.” Jai brought up an exquisite viewpoint, “There is no superiority or inferiority between people. This is what makes the space special.”

About Jai Yoga Studio
Jai Yoga Studio is a community-based yoga studio providing a wide range of high quality yoga and meditation classes. The studio is located on Austin Avenue, Coquitlam, with a space that can accommodate about 30 people comfortably in each class.

All classes from restorative yoga to power yoga are designed to make people feel nourishing and relaxing. With a team of passionate instructors, Jai Yoga adapts the authentic yoga experience from India to meet needs in the modern hustle and to take care of holistic health. It is a place where people can come in and meet their intentions and leave each class feeling content and victorious. “We strive to make a difference in the lives of our students and the community around us.”

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