Introducing CMPNY Burnaby member: Heather Jang
Heather Jang is the Development Team Lead at Wabisabi Learning, an educational technology company focusing on fostering student-centered learning. Aiming to transform the traditional teacher-driven schooling system, Wabisabi Learning develops a digital portfolio and professional learning resources that encourage students to take responsibility for their education, rather than passively receiving information from teachers. Communication and creative work are Heather’s passion, and she brings her creativity and social skills into full play in her career. As the Development Team Lead, Heather guides the development team to build and maintain the application that is used by educators in current schools from preschool to high school. Her distinguishing characteristics allow her to think and solve problems in unconventional ways, and most importantly to come up with unique solutions for meeting their client’s needs.

The GRIT story
When Heather first joined Wabisabi Learning four and a half years ago, she was the only web developer on the team and was responsible for building and maintaining the application. The work was petrifying for a junior web developer as Heather was back then, coming fresh out of a short-term bootcamp for web development course. “I had no idea what I was working on, and I felt very under-qualified for this job.”

Nevertheless, she drew on the experience of her earlier career where she was an event manager at a bathroom renovation company. “I got that job when I first came out of university and had no experience in such an industry. I was assigned to organize a trade show in four days on my first day of work.” Being thrown into the deep end and a stressful situation, Heather wielded every tool that she had to put together the show. In fact, she even achieved a better result than the company had done the previous year. Looking back, Heather said “I learned so many skills not just management, hiring and interviewing skills but how to persevere and believe in myself.” It is grit, determination, and perseverance that she gained from the experience. It is nothing that can be taught by other people but is the skills one can carry down the road to work through any other challenges coming in the future. “If you do not know how to do one thing or what the end result will be, just jump in and do your best. You are going to get further than not even trying.” That is the attitude and grit which brings Heather success and her career thus far.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
“Being around different people from different industries is my favorite thing about this place.”

Working at CMPNY Cowork, the community and social aspect is the main draw for many remote workers. Heather had been to many other coworking spaces and she said, “The vibe of this office is different from any other places.” Not only is the modern and spacious environment the attraction for Heather, but she credits the personable and friendly managing team as the true adhesive that holds the community together.

CMPNY Burnaby is located at the heart of the city of Burnaby close to skytrain station, highway, residential and commercial area, as well as many convenient facilities. “It is right beside a gym, so I have no excuses not to workout after work!” Heather and her team members work remotely from different cities. Periodically the Vancouver-based team has face-to-face meetings at one location, and CMPNY Burnaby is always the first choice for the team to gather. The space provides versatile meeting rooms, boardrooms, and other facilities for team meetings and brainstorming.

About Wabisabi Learning
Wabisabi Learning is a leader in transforming education worldwide. Through professional learning programs, award-winning resources and Wabisabi App, Wabisabi helps schools help students take ownership of their education by giving them tools to solve problems that matter to them. The mission at Wabisabi is to re-imagine education and help cultivate future-focused learners who demonstrate grit and understand that learning doesn’t stop once you leave school.

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