Introducing CMPNY Burnaby Member: Bob Mai   
Bob Mai has a career that many little boys would dream of having. Bob is the Regional Product Support Manager (RPSM) at New Flyer Industries, the #1 manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in North America.

As the RPSM at New Flyer, Bob is in charge of the company’s activities in British Columbia from vehicle inspection to new buses delivery to maintenance to technical support. Bob humbly spoke for himself, “Being in the heavy-duty vehicle industry is not by design. It is just by circumstance.” He studied Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Red River College in Winnipeg, and has been in the automotive sector for over 12 years. Having a strong sense of responsibility, Bob always takes the bull by the horns not only at work but also in life.

Fun facts about Bob: He is a 2-times champion of the Indoor Karting in Winnipeg! He also volunteers at the SAE Mobility Engineering Society BC and the British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association respectively serving as Webmaster and Student Mentor.

The GRIT Story
Prior to onboarding his current position, Bob was a mechanical engineering designer. When he first started working in the field, Detroit was the central arena in the automobile industry, which drew Bob to pursue a career in the pivotal city. However, education background was a threshold in many jobs at that time. Therefore, he went back to school for further study, but at the same time he did not want to put pressure on his family. It was a struggle for Bob to choose between higher education and work.

As considerate as Bob was, he eventually decided to continue working and to be independent instead of relying on others to chase after a seemingly glamorous goal. “When I took control of my own life and not relied on others, my pathway became clearer.” Bob worked his way up, and now is the Regional Manager at New Flyer. “I enjoy my work as a manager.” Bob said, “I cannot imagine how life would be if I were on the other pathway. I don’t think the dream would have been as pretty as I once thought.” Live in the moment, grasp the opportunity at front, and the road will clear itself.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
“I love the social aspect of a community.” Bob said. Being a community-driven person, Bob sees contributing to the community and sharing the fruits of success with people as his core values. CMPNY provides an environment for professionals from all fields to connect and to interact with one another. People build organic relationships via different types of events such as community town hall, social lunch, business connect, and even ping pong tournaments. “What forms the community at CMPNY are the consistent friendly faces in the space.” Bob said, “Be social. Be part of the community. Life is more fun with other people!”

About New Flyer
New Flyer is the largest transit bus, motorcoach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America. New Flyer was founded in 1930 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as Western Auto and Truck Body Limited. Today, New Flyer operates as New Flyer of America Inc. and New Flyer Industries Canada ULC, subsidiaries of NFI Group Inc (“NFI Group”).

Leading the heavy-duty automotive market, New Flyer provides comprehensive services from fabrication to manufacturing to distribution to the product support system in Canada and the United States. Over 88 years of serving the industry, New Flyer continuously strives for delivering a secure and eco-friendly solution to meet the increasing demands in transportation. In May 2019, NFI Group acquired British bus manufacturer, Alexander Dennis Limited, elevating the company’s profile to an international scale.

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