Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam member: Allison Bran
Allison Bran is the CEO and Founder of REX Marketing + Design Inc., an award-winning branding and marketing agency. Driven by her passion for human connection, she strives to build a company that facilitates communication and makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

In the competitive world of marketing and branding, Allison and her boutique operation have helped establish countless successful brands internationally. The secret behind their success is not only the essential creativity for this field and teamwork spirit but also a culture that values true connection with people. As a business owner, Allison cares for people more than anything else in the business. “My business growth and the growth of the businesses we work with must contribute positively to the lives of customers and employees.”

The GRIT Story
It was not a straight line for Allison on her way to building this company. 

In 2006, Allison started her marketing and design business as an independent freelancer. Before that, she was pursuing a career towards being a physiotherapist. Part of what inspired her to take the leap was her brother who passed away at a young age from a skydiving accident in 2003. “My brother was an incredible person. He used to say, if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room.” As a way to deal with the grief, she used her brother’s legacy to pursue her passion and support her family.

Years later, life threw another difficult puzzle at Allison – her first child was stillborn and around the same time, her husband was laid off. However, she did not get knocked down by the hardships; instead, she came up with solutions to overcome those difficulties and reinforced her belief. “No matter what happens to me in this life, I get to choose what I do and what I believe. And I believe happiness is about perspective. It is not what happens to you, but how you look at what happens to you. Many people have overcome and succeeded through bigger challenges than I have ever faced.”

It was these defining incidents in life — the loss of her brother, the loss of her first child and other setbacks — that shaped her brilliant curriculum vitae. She believes that having perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit shows true grit.

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
“CMPNY is a great place for people to grow businesses! The space grows with us by allowing us to add desks or expand into larger offices.”

The young and dynamic culture at CMPNY Cowork is one thing Allison appreciates most about this place. Two and a half years ago when she first joined CMPNY Cowork, REX was an agency of two people. Over a short period of time, the business grew into a corporation with 6 full-time employees. “I have a young and dynamic team and I want them to feel like they are a part of something bigger, to marinate in the driven and self-made spirits.” 

Aside from culture, its stylish office design, professional boardrooms, and other amenities complement the space even more. CMPNY’s kid-friendly environment meant Allison could bring her newborn to work with her and balance motherhood with her agency’s growth. Its convenient location with cheap parking and proximity to Skytrain Evergreen Line makes it easy for clients to come here. “It makes us more productive!”

About REX Marketing + Design Inc.
“REX is where brands were built.” 

REX Marketing + Design Inc is an internationally award-winning agency. REX holds fast to the core value of “People come first.” Focusing on 5 critical steps required for brand growth: brand strategy, visual identity, engagement platform, marketing action plan, and campaigns, REX builds profitable brands that want to grow with their values intact. At REX, branding is not just a logo but telling a company’s story in a way that connects them with not just a customer but with an audience. REX transforms the way people perceive branding for small to medium-sized businesses.

Contact information
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Facebook — @startwithrex
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Personal Instagram – @allisonjbran
Twitter — @startwithrex
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