Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam Member: Joanne Shih
Living her motto of having fun and making the most of this one life, Joanne is one of the young professionals in the Slash Generation. Science Editor/Veterinarian Technician is her current career identity. Communicating with people and spreading the beauty of life science is the center and motivation of her work.

As a Science Editor at GeneOnline, a biotechnology media company, Joanne is part of the international team that keeps track of advances in life science and produces news updates. Moreover, she leads interviews with biotech and healthcare opinion leaders around the globe and writes stories to make scientists be visible to the public. Meanwhile, she also works at a local animal hospital as a Veterinarian Technician to deliver quality medicine to animals and to provide medical advice to pet parents. “This position allows me to perform my passion for science communication at a practical and individual level.”

The GRIT Story
Four years ago Joanne left her home country leaving a degree and license in veterinary medicine behind and started her journey in a foreign country. “I did not know what I wanted exactly back then, but I did know that I wanted something more than just being a worker in one field for the rest of my life. I wanted to explore the world as much as I can.” She took a leap in 2015 relocating from Taiwan to Canada and started her first job in Vancouver as an office administrative assistant in a law firm. In the meantime, she encountered a freelance gig of writing articles for a biotechnology media company, and that was when her career in science communication germinated.

The more Joanne dove into curating content for the company, the more she developed a strong interest in talking to experts in different fields and writing stories of scientific efforts. She found a place where her desire for constant learning met her gregarious personality and skill. Nevertheless, this ambitious girl still remembered promising her pet chihuahua to become a caring veterinarian when growing up. Thus, she decided to set foot back into the veterinary field not only to get closer to her unfulfilled aspiration but also to extend her passion for communication to healthcare and public education. “Here I am juggling between different roles, which I love them all. Everything I do is complementary to one another, and that is what makes me full.”

What is your favourite thing about working at CMPNY Cowork?
“This is a difficult question! If I have to pick one thing, it would be social lunch without a doubt!”

Social lunch is one thing that makes CMPNY different from other co-working spaces. Every Thursday members at CMPNY Coquitlam gather at the lounge area with their own food and have lunch together. Often times meeting new people and networking could be intimidating and pretentious, but the social lunch at CMPNY is a casual occasion for all types of personalities to mingle with each other. People share thoughts (and food!), play board games, and chat about their pets and kids. Once in a while, the space also hosts CMPNY Connect during social lunch for people to officially introduce their business, and that is when ideas collide and collaborations happen.

About GeneOnline
GeneOnline is one of the most influential biotech news platforms in Asia, with a professional team from the US, Canada, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam. GeneOnline covers a wide range of topics including biotechnology opinion leader interviews, industrial insights, event coverages, and the latest innovative technologies. GeneOnline has built a robust readership in the biotech industry, research and medical institutes, and medical societies. GeneOnline also co-organizes and partners with international biotech conferences to foster first-hand connection between multiple sectors. It is the next generation media platform that offers in-depth updates in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and connects life science professionals around the world.

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GeneOnline Twitter: @GeneOnlineNews
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