One of the best things about coworking–and doing business in an open office–is the diverse population. Some people come and go; others stay in the space from Monday to Friday and sometimes weekends. While Spacekraft is a place for work, it’s also a hotbed of community activity, networking, social gatherings and more. You never know who you might meet!

Get Social
Spacekraft members often get together for group lunches at our long table. Sometimes organized in advance and sometimes haphazard, anyone can join, and the culture is very welcoming!

We like to host events like Storm Earls, where members will bring their laptops to the nearby Earls restaurant to ‘work socially’ at the end of the day, followed by some casual food and drinks.

Get Professional
We facilitate a weekly Mastermind meetup, where interested members can set goals together, hold each other accountable, and discuss progress. Whether you came with personal or professional goals, everyone leaves feeling inspired.

Spacekraft also plays host to a number of external groups and gatherings–like the regular Internet Masterminds Meetup, the quarterly Creating Genius event, and plenty of one-time occasions–where attendees network, learn new skills, and improve on existing ones.

Get Healthy
Have you ever participated in a ‘salad club’? Spacekraft members have! We schedule a regular date and invite people to bring enough of one salad item to share. The group then enjoys a healthy lunch together.

Our community also gathers for social soccer games, group runs and trips to the gym (GoodLife Fitness is just down the hall and offers perks and discounts to Spacekraft members). There’s more to do here than just sit at comfortable desks surrounded by positive people!

Want to see what all the buzz is about? Book a tour or attend one of our open events!

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