Lets face it, life whips by now more so than ever. Turn around times are shorter, client expectations higher and there have never before been more digital distractions. Thats why its so important to stay interested in the things that you like and interest you. Life’s short and no one is going to remember those reports you filed or the campaign you delivered. Don’t get me wrong, work hard, take pride, but then get the hell out and do something. Why? I’m going to tell you.

The truth is work-life balance can benefit your business just as much as your sanity. Staying engaged with things outside of work keeps you interested and this in turn keeps you interesting. When you’re interested and interesting opportunity follows. People like interesting people, they inspire them, they want to be around them and they want to work with them.

You never know maybe that trip to the lake might inspire a new idea for your blog or a current project. That 2 hours learning about ships might give you something to relate to a client about at your next pitch. It doesn’t matter the topic or the activity as long as you are interested in it.

Get out there and engage, then take your experiences back to the office or the boardroom with you. There is nothing worse than an office full of boring ass people with nothing to talk about and I know you love something – we all do. Hell I spent a week of evenings researching the Royal Family just because I was curious as to why a family of figure heads still exist.

Anyway, not sure where I’m going to use that lil tidbit of information but hey, it’s interesting to know that they still own about a million hectares of land that they generate income from….well it is to me anyway and maybe someone at my next cocktail party would love to discuss. Stay interested friends.

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