After receiving member feedback at our last Townhall, we introduced Slack as our primary internal communication tool and we love it! We have found it has been quickly adopted by our members, our team use is growing week over week since implementation and it has become an integral part of our community.

Some of you might be asking you what is this Slack you talking about?
It is an messaging platform primarily used for team communication and collaboration. 

Here are a few reasons we love Slack and feel it is adding value to Spacekraft and our community: 

  • Allows for real time conversations between our members which improves connection and engagement in the day to day activities in the space.  
  • Provides team, private group or direct message options, making it easy to have multiple conversations simultaneously. 
  • Ability to create channels for specific topics, allows you to select channels based on topics of interest or create a new channel. 
  • Creates an easy avenue to spread the latest news about upcoming events and goings on in the space.
  • Gives our members a place to offer their services, find services they need, update group on their recent successes or reach out to establish new collaborations with other members. 
  • With integration with a number of other tools such as Google Drive, Mail Chimp, Dropbox and many more, Slack allows for even more productivity for our members. 
  • All conversations and activities are archived and easily searchable, providing a great tool for new members to review past activity to get acquainted with the Spacekraft community. 
  • Ability to share files and images, makes information sharing and collaboration between members even easier.
  • Accessible from multiple devices: apps for desktop and mobile, make barriers to entry very low for new users.

As you can see there are a ton of reasons for our love of Slack and why we feel it is fostering in establishing a flourishing community here at Spacekraft. 

If you are a Spacekraft member and want to be added to our Slack channel please contact us at

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