At CMPNY cowork we establish partner relationships with local service providers to benefit our members and their businesses. Our partner companies offer CMPNY members discounted service, office hours or complimentary trials. Our goal is to create valuable connections for our members that aid them in advancing their business goals. In this #gotCMPNY blog posts we will introduce you to one of our partner companies, their services and benefit our members receive.

Tech Futures, IT company

Tech Futures has been a CMPNY partner since day one. They began their work at Spacekraft by CMPNY in the planning and construction phase as they mapped out and installed all the optic fibre Internet, printers, server room, FOB system, projectors, TVs and really all IT related systems in both our locations.

Getting our Internet and IT systems right was a huge priority for us and our members. With Tech Future’s infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, we are able to offer our members the best Internet speeds and reliability and ensure all our IT systems are as user friendly as possible.

A bit about our Internet and IT Services
Tech Futures provides our members:

  • Cutting Edge Security: Enterprise class Unified Threat Management is standard.
  • Hands On Support: Our IT support is in-house, allowing for faster, more hands on service.
  • Speed: We have dedicated 1 Gbps fibre connection, similar to the likes of Google and Facebook; meaning it is super fast and unrestricted. With download and upload speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, it is on average 40x faster for downloads and 200x faster for uploads than your average residential Internet speeds. In layman’s terms, this means it takes less than 10 seconds to download or upload a 1 GB file, compared to over 6 minutes to download and 31 minutes to upload using average residential internet speeds. 
  • Reliable Wifi: 9 high performance multi-gigabit wireless access points throughout our spaces provide consistent and fast wifi.
  • Business Essentials: Access to business solutions like email, phone and web hosting.
  • IT Solutions: Access to a broad portfolio of IT service offerings including hardware/ software, cloud solutions, data center co-location and more.

Exclusive CMPNY Business Essentials
package from Tech Futures:

Business essentials bundle
Phone – $45/month (including 1 dedicated number)
Email – $5/user/month
eFax – $10/month (including 1 dedicated number)
Secure Cloud Storage – $10/user/month
Web Hosting – $25/mo (for a Tier 2 plan)
Domain Name – “free” included
CMPNY member Total: $77/mo
Regular Price: $85/month ($8 discount per month)

What our members have to say about the Internet:

“Having a fast and reliable internet connection is critical for our business. CMPNY provides us with a high speed and low latency connection that makes our server & database maintenance tasks, deployments, and backups fast and painless.”
– Ryan Samson, Hockey Community, Spacekraft by CMPNY member

“It is prettty impressive to have it (the Internet) so fast, it means my output and getting work to clients is much faster and they are happier with my work.”
– Ben Schubert, Image Capture, Spacekraft by CMPNY member

Learn more about Tech Futures visit:

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