Monday, June 19th.

Aligned Values to drive
organizational success

In last week’s guest blog post, THINGS YOU CAN DO TO FOCUS YOUR PLANNING AND EXECUTION IN YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY, I covered how to create a plan, and why it’s important to get your team on board with that future plan. In today’s blog, we will look at how to align values your business strategy through […]

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HOT DESK Cmpny Burnaby

Monday, May 29th.

Motivation Monday: Importance of Grit

Grit: The one thing Entrepreneurs can’t live without So you aren’t an extrovert … that’s not a problem. Some of the greatest minds this world has seen may have had the lowest voices. It was their thoughts that rang loudest. So you tend to compete, instead of collaborate … we can look past this. Some […]

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Tuesday, May 23rd.

Motivation Monday: Yoga at Work

About the writer – Chrystal Pearl is a Vancouver based yoga teacher who wishes for everyone to simply breathe and have fun on their mat. Chrystal teaches a variety of corporate & studio yoga classes around Vancouver – stretch & relaxation, hot yoga, power, flow, and yoga fitness based classes. Learn more at or @chrystal_pearl on Instagram  5 […]

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Shared workspace lounge Cmpny

Monday, May 15th.

Motivation Monday: Meditation

We live in a society where busyness is expected and even prized. We find ourselves stressed out, rushed and sprinting from task to task. As this increases, Meditation is referenced as a solution for dealing with the stress but rarely touching on the fact meditation means many different things. If you haven’t studied meditation, it […]

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Coffee Cups

Monday, May 8th.

Motivation Monday: 5 Small Health Practices for the Modern Hustle

Vancouver is home to an inspiring population of hustlers, dreamers and go-getters. People who have set out to change the direction of things, to shake up the status quo and to carve out a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. This city is in constant bloom with fresh ideas and new people on the scene […]

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Monday, May 1st.

Motivation Monday: Goal Setting

I love goal setting. In university, I was fortunate enough to have a professor/mentor who helped me discover why I wanted to goal set. Later, working at lululemon, I learnt that goals are a tool to achieving dreams.  You may not consider yourself a goal setter, but do you have things that you want but […]

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Tuesday, October 25th.

October News: One Year Anniversary Party + Space Race

Last week was a big week for us, we celebrated our One Year Anniversary, we hosted our 2nd annual Space Race, we transitioned to our new name CMPNY and we announced the opening of our 2nd location CMPNY Coquitlam. Below is a quick recap of the past week: One Year Anniversary Party Over 100 people came to celebrate our One […]

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Sunday, October 16th.

Spacekraft Turns One

We can hardly believe the earth has spun 365 times since we opened our Burnaby location of Spacekraft. With a number of shared office spaces already established in downtown Vancouver, we wanted to bring the modern work space, coworking, to the Burnaby (but close enough to transit and central enough that Vancouverites could access it). In our […]

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Wednesday, August 31st.

Meet your next client, business partner, or best friend at Spacekraft

One of the best things about coworking–and doing business in an open office–is the diverse population. Some people come and go; others stay in the space from Monday to Friday and sometimes weekends. While Spacekraft is a place for work, it’s also a hotbed of community activity, networking, social gatherings and more. You never know […]

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Friday, August 19th.

How Slack is adding value to our community

After receiving member feedback at our last Townhall, we introduced Slack as our primary internal communication tool and we love it! We have found it has been quickly adopted by our members, our team use is growing week over week since implementation and it has become an integral part of our community. Some of you might be […]

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