Wednesday, July 3rd.

5 Tips to Maintaining Work Productivity During Summer

Finding it hard to concentrate on work during the summer months? We can’t blame you – it’s tricky not to start day-dreaming of your next vacation once the suns officially out and beaming. If you have a case of the summer slump… Here are 5 surefire ways to stay productive so you don’t spend all […]

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Friday, June 14th.


Work in Good CMPNY: Bob Mai is the Regional Product Support Manager (RPSM) at New Flyer Industries, the #1 manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles in North America.

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Wednesday, June 5th.

CMPNY welcomes our Newest staff member Boris Perdija!

Hello Message from Boris: “Hey everyone! My name is Boris and I’m excited to become a new member of the CMPNY team! I’m currently a student at SFU who is still debating their major, though I know I’m leaning towards a science background. On campus, I’m involved with various clubs and organizations, and you’ll find […]

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Darryl Bosa CMPNY

Monday, August 21st.

Faces of CMPNY: Founder Darryl Bosa

We want to introduce you to our fearless founder, Darryl Bosa. Besides launching CMPNY, one of his proudest moments might surprise you. We sat down with Darryl to find out more about him. Check out the interview below. 1. What are some little known skills you have? Any secret hidden talents?  I am a budding […]

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Monday, June 5th.

Why we choose suburbs locations
for our coworking spaces

We often are asked why did we opened our first locations in Burnaby and Coquitlam vs. Vancouver’s downtown core. There are number of reasons I will explain in this post. As we all know Vancouver has become a global destination, there is no escaping the rising living costs. With the rise of Vancouver home prices […]

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Tuesday, May 23rd.

Motivation Monday: Yoga at Work

About the writer – Chrystal Pearl is a Vancouver based yoga teacher who wishes for everyone to simply breathe and have fun on their mat. Chrystal teaches a variety of corporate & studio yoga classes around Vancouver – stretch & relaxation, hot yoga, power, flow, and yoga fitness based classes. Learn more at or @chrystal_pearl on Instagram  5 […]

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Coffee Cups

Monday, May 8th.

Motivation Monday: 5 Small Health Practices for the Modern Hustle

Vancouver is home to an inspiring population of hustlers, dreamers and go-getters. People who have set out to change the direction of things, to shake up the status quo and to carve out a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. This city is in constant bloom with fresh ideas and new people on the scene […]

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Monday, April 24th.

CMPNY Coquitlam is Open

We are thrilled our second location CMPNY Coquitlam in now open! CMPNY Coquitlam is more than 13,225 SF with 34 offices and 67 desks. Exciting new amenities including a video/photo room for content creators, meditation room for when you need to get away, ping pong and foosball rooms to blow off some steam,  child friendly room for […]

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Thursday, November 17th.

CMPNY is coming to Coquitlam

Coworkers of the Tri-Cities unite!  We are proud to announce that CMPNY will be opening the doors to our second coworking space in March 2017. Our new work space will be located at 3007 Glen Drive, steps to the new Evergreen Line station at Coquitlam City Centre. We are excited to plant our flag in […]

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Friday, October 21st.

Exciting News: We are CMPNY

It’s been a year, since we opened our work space, Spacekraft, to the coworking and office space community. From day one, our goal has been to offer our members the space and the mindset to grow their business and be accountable to their goals. The year has been marked by many exciting wins, some unexpected […]

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