Wednesday, November 20th.


Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam member: Colin Chung Colin Chung is a copywriter, someone who writes words that convinces people to buy stuff on the Internet. More specifically, he’s a “direct response” copywriter, which means he writes clickbait, spam, and online infomercials. He’s been in this business for over a decade now and has worked with clients […]

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Wednesday, October 16th.

CMPNY welcomes our Newest staff member Vanessa Washington!

Q&A With Vanessa What are you excited about in your life right now?  I’m super excited for Halloween and for snow! Assuming that it will snow.  Would you consider yourself as a night owl or an early bird?  Although I would like to be an early bird, I am definitely a night owl. Why is […]

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Wednesday, October 9th.


Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam member: Allison Bran Allison Bran is the CEO and Founder of REX Marketing + Design Inc., an award-winning branding and marketing agency. Driven by her passion for human connection, she strives to build a company that facilitates communication and makes a positive impact on people’s lives. In the competitive world of marketing […]

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Monday, September 9th.

Work In Good CMPNY: Heather Jang

Introducing CMPNY Burnaby member: Heather Jang Heather Jang is the Development Team Lead at Wabisabi Learning, an educational technology company focusing on fostering student-centered learning. Aiming to transform the traditional teacher-driven schooling system, Wabisabi Learning develops a digital portfolio and professional learning resources that encourage students to take responsibility for their education, rather than passively […]

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Monday, August 26th.

CMPNY’s Beautiful and Affordable Meeting Rooms

Collaboration is a big part of a day’s work and we believe that meeting rooms are an essential part of any workspace. At CMPNY, you can meet a client or brainstorm with the team in our meeting rooms with writable walls, projectors, screens, speakers and more – it’s a turnkey solution. CMPNY has a number […]

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Monday, August 12th.

Work In Good CMPNY: Sean Bassi

Introducing CMPNY Burnaby member: Sean Bassi Sean Bassi is the Founder of 604 Now, a digital media platform in Metro Vancouver. Established in 2011, 604 Now started as a blog with content created by a couple of university students. Today, it’s one of the most pivotal sources of information for millennials in the lower mainland […]

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Monday, July 15th.

Work In Good CMPNY: Matthew Don-Carolis

Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam member: Matthew Don-Carolis In this ever-changing current of time, Matthew Don-Carolis can be seen as an eminent figure with a dynamic professional profile. Matt is the owner and Co-Founder of Realty Guru, an integrated management and educational tool for realtors. As a serial entrepreneur, he is also involved in a variety of […]

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Friday, June 14th.


Introducing CMPNY Coquitlam Member: Jai Singh Jai Singh is the Founder of Jai Yoga Studio, a modern yoga studio with the root of ancient yoga tradition. Jai came to Canada in 2016, and obtained a yoga teacher certificate from the Canadian Yoga Alliance. “I do yoga because I see the value in it, and I […]

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Work in Good CMPNY: Bob Mai is the Regional Product Support Manager (RPSM) at New Flyer Industries, the #1 manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles in North America.

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Wednesday, June 5th.

CMPNY welcomes our Newest staff member Boris Perdija!

Hello Message from Boris: “Hey everyone! My name is Boris and I’m excited to become a new member of the CMPNY team! I’m currently a student at SFU who is still debating their major, though I know I’m leaning towards a science background. On campus, I’m involved with various clubs and organizations, and you’ll find […]

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