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For Creatives Pt 1: 4 tips for better work

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Thursday, October 25th.

CMPNY TALKS: Dealing With Clients

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Wednesday, October 17th.

For Creatives Pt 1: 4 tips for better work

FOR CREATIVES – Part 1 – Dear creatives, let’s all take a breath and smile, it’s all good and it’s all going to get better. I hope you know the nights you spend with a wine on your balcony thinking about that concept you have been working on for a client still counts as work. […]

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Tuesday, October 2nd.

CMPNY TALKS: How To Deal With Procrastination

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The Importance of Being Interested

Lets face it, life whips by now more so than ever. Turn around times are shorter, client expectations higher and there have never before been more digital distractions. Thats why its so important to stay interested in the things that you like and interest you. Life’s short and no one is going to remember those […]

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Monday, October 1st.

Wake Up! Quick Brain Hack To Stay Focused and Alert

The Best Way to Stay Awake: Brain Hack to Stay Alert and Focused to Increase Effective Productivity Disclaimer: To get this out of the way, yes things like exercise, diet, keeping a tidy workspace and getting enough sleep at night are integral for a productive work sesh. So we’ll go ahead and assume you’ve got […]

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HOT DESK Cmpny Coquitlam

Friday, September 14th.

CMPNY TALKS: Advice to young hustlers

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Monday, August 28th.

Got CMPNY: Tech Futures

At CMPNY cowork we establish partner relationships with local service providers to benefit our members and their businesses. Our partner companies offer CMPNY members discounted service, office hours or complimentary trials. Our goal is to create valuable connections for our members that aid them in advancing their business goals. In this #gotCMPNY blog posts we will introduce you […]

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Darryl Bosa CMPNY

Monday, August 21st.

Faces of CMPNY: Founder Darryl Bosa

We want to introduce you to our fearless founder, Darryl Bosa. Besides launching CMPNY, one of his proudest moments might surprise you. We sat down with Darryl to find out more about him. Check out the interview below. 1. What are some little known skills you have? Any secret hidden talents?  I am a budding […]

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Monday, June 19th.

Aligned Values to drive
organizational success

In last week’s guest blog post, THINGS YOU CAN DO TO FOCUS YOUR PLANNING AND EXECUTION IN YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY, I covered how to create a plan, and why it’s important to get your team on board with that future plan. In today’s blog, we will look at how to align values your business strategy through […]

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Monday, June 12th.

5 things you can do to focus your planning and execution in your business strategy.

Regardless of the stage your business is at: Whether you’re new and starting up, you have product market fit and a growing customer list (and profitability), or you’ve got hundreds of people on your staff and you’re looking at new ways to grow and evolve. You continually want to be finding ways to increase the […]

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