Entrepreneurs, freelancers, makers and professionals are the future of the new economy, and CMPNY is here for you.

Advice To Young Hustlers

Our Team

We’ve got a team of big thinkers who work as hard as you do to get the job done. To find out more about who we are and how you can be a part of CMPNY, click here.

Our Values

Be Collaborative

We are a community of doers with unique strengths and objectives who push ourselves and each other to reach all of our goals.

Stay Grounded

We understand success isn't a given. That it will only come with equal parts authenticity, integrity and work.

Show Grit

Combine hard work and perseverance and there isn't an obstacle that can't be overcome or a goal that can't be achieved.

Feel Gratitude

We are thankful for the work we do and the people we do it with, unconditionally and without expectation.

Act Curious

We are open and eager to know the world and use that knowledge to innovate and create.

Have Belief

With unwavering certainty comes the power to achieve your dreams.

Practice Mastery

We strive for excellence in our personal journey to achieve mastery over our work and ourselves.

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