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Finding it hard to concentrate on work during the summer months? We can’t blame you – it’s tricky not to start day-dreaming of your next vacation once the suns officially out and beaming.

If you have a case of the summer slump…
Here are 5 surefire ways to stay productive so you don’t spend all of September in panic mode!

1. Do the most important work earlier in the day

Create your morning to-do list, get organized and handle your most important tasks during this time. The caffeine is most likely already kicking in and knocking off your most daunting tasks early in the morning will leave you no room for procrastination.

2. Stay hydrated

Studies have shown that even the slightest dehydration, especially during the warmer months, can have a negative impact on your mood, leading to fatigue. Our brains are about 70% water, while our bodies are generally 50-75% – so it’s not surprising that our water intake has such a great effect on our performance.

3. Take a walk outside

When you’ve reached your daily dose of caffeine, another way to boost productivity without overloading on coffee is taking 5 minutes for a walk. It’s good for your health, gets your creative juices flowing, and ultimately puts you in a better mood. The best way to keep your productivity levels high before diving back into your workload is by getting away from your desk!

4. Take a vacation

Whether your definition of traveling is heading to an exotic place or a staycation, time away from work, emails, to-do lists, and projects is essential to your well-being. A little vacation recharge will be sure to put you back into productivity mode when you get back.

5. Put aside your cellphone (get off social media!)

One of the biggest roadblocks to your productivity is the smartphone on your office desk. Unless it’s an important phone call, keep your cellphone out of sight. Studies have shown that dopamine responses in the brain cause us to engage in pleasure-seeking behaviour as it relates to phone usage – resulting in constantly checking Instagram, Facebook and texts messages frequently while at work. We tend to multitask so much with our cellphones, that it might be killing our productivity at work.

Ultimately, awareness is key when it comes to maintaining your productivity levels. Take these 5 tips and apply them to your summer work routine the best way you can.

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